Different Types Of Accounts Offered By 500 Trade Review!

Millions of people are interested in Forex trading because it opens its doors for most people to make money through it. People are investing their time and money in online applications that are giving the appropriate results to the user. There are different ways out there you can start your Forex trading, but you need to buy an account for the same purpose before that.

Among all the facilities, 500 trade is the one that offers the different types of accounts to customers. You can also get the money in hand because this provides the facility of 24/7 customer care to users. People can use their account to solve their all the quarries. If you want to know about further details, have a look at the upcoming paragraph.

Account types!

500 tradeĀ is a platform that provides different types of accounts to customers. They offer wide space to investors and traders to invest their money in the different marketing teams and get revenue from the business. If you are a newcomer in the trading industry, then this is going to help you a lot. To know about various accounts, let’s take a look at the below-mentioned point-

Basic account

The basic amount requires a minimum investment in Forex trading of 250 Euros, and after the complete procedure, the user can access their account. While after paying the amount of investment, you can quickly get access to the 500trade review marketing account and get the details about your daily activities. This is absolutely the perfect account for people who are new in the trading market and can make easy money through it.

Bronze account

This account allows a person to trade if they have money above 250 Euros. In the account, the investment must have 1000 Euros. You will get a normal benefit which is the basic account, and add a person can also get the junior account manager for help. If you have saved the earth a sound amount of money, then one must go with the bronze account as it gives the absolute value for money.

Silver account

The minimum deposit amount in the Silver account is approximately 5000 Euros. The individual will also get a bonus on it, which is approx 20% of the welcome bonus. Investors and traders can also get the additional benefit like a senior account manager and also get enormous offers.

Gold account

This is the primary account of Forex trading in which an individual can get the minimum deposit of 10000 Euros and gives you the additional benefit that is approximately 40%. A person can use the amount in trading, and this is a boon for investors and people who want to get started their business in the trading market.

Moving forward, these are the benefits individual can get if they choose to be on the 500trade account for Forex trading. We have elaborated on the different accounts one can use for trade.