Football Betting- What Are The Various Types Of Bets Offered By The Online Platforms?

In traditional times people love playing various types of sports as they were the source of entertainment for them. But as technology got advanced, these sports have become an even source of making money for the players. There are various online social platforms like judi bola that allow players to place a bet on sports.

Football is considered as one of the sports with the highest amount of betting. So a player who is entering the world of sports betting must have an idea regarding the unique features of football betting. There are various matches of football that are organized all over the world. Players have the option to place the bet on all the games.

Types of the bet

To place the bet on football, players must know the various types of bets. Players should go through the types of bets to understand which bet to place in a particular situation. Let us discuss in detail the different types of bets available:

  1. Match bet

This is the oldest and the most popular type of bet used by the players. In this type of bet, the player places the bet on the result of the football match that has been organized. The player has the option to bet on any of the three outcomes:

  • The specific team will win
  • The specific team will lose
  • There will be a tie between the two

The winning amount must be given to the player after 90 minutes of the end of the match. So that the person can do all the adjustments related to the extra penalties and time.

  1. Asian handicap bet

The best and the unique thing regarding this kind of bet is that it reduces the possibility of the draw between the players. In this bet, the selection has a handicap to overcome.

The bookmakers that are involved in the procedure of the handicap provide the plus or the minus point to the players that will denote the handicap. The handicap can either be:

  • Whole goal handicap: in this, the main motive is the safety of the players.
  • Half goal handicap is the handicap that is known to eliminate the complete possibility of the draw among the different teams.
  1. European handicap bet

This is another kind of bet that is somewhat similar to the Asian handicap bet. But there is a minor difference between the two.

  • One difference is that a draw is also an option in this type of the bet
  • The other is that in this type of bet, the disabled have only the even numbers

These are the various kinds of the bet that are offered by the various platforms like judi bola. The player can just go through the various types of bets and can place the right one. Even more, options are available with the bettor. As they will start playing the game, they will get an idea regarding the available options.