Poker On Betist: The Game That Got A New Life Post The Pandemic

Games are a vital and integral part of community building. They act as a tool to engage and bring people together. And what better than poker on Betist to achieve this task, not only it engages people but also tests their analytical thinking. Often people call it a game of luck but they don’t realize the calculations and strategy that is involved in a poker game. Its popularity has increased since the early 20th century and has evolved from being a recreational activity to a career choice for certain individuals.

The birth and growth of poker

Although card games are played from ancient times, traces can be found in the Chinese emperor’s palace in the 10th century. But the poker we know today has been developed in the early 19th century, to combat boredom and stress. Since then the growth of poker has been exponential, with new players joining every year. Many poker tournaments are conducted in which the World Series of Poker is the most famous event with a prize pool of more than $50 million.

The pandemic gave poker a new face

As it is said, the one who adapts is the one who wins. During the pandemic when every industry struggled to survive in the counter path, poker was one such industry that recorded exponential growth. This happened due to the digitalisation of poker, many online poker platforms were introduced which came with digital payment methods, user-friendly web interfaces and anti-cheating tools. This attracted mainly the youth of the country towards this sport and thus there are 560 million active online poker players and is estimated to be 650 million by 2023.

The risk that cannot be ignored

The road of poker to be a socially accepted game has not been a smooth one. As it is often associated with gambling and considered addictive. Due to the lack of social acceptance, a proper legal and technical infrastructure for poker was never established. Countries like Japan, Singapore and certain states of India have banned poker. Addiction to poker is also a serious problem as it destroys the lives of individuals and makes them bankrupt.

Poker is a great sport and the introduction of online poker has given this sport a new life. Poker must be played as a game of skill not a medium to gamble, it’s great to combat boredom and relieve stress and must be played with responsibility. Individuals must also be aware of their states’ policies towards poker and then pursue the game.